Catalog of works, theme oriented

The idea behind Cerha Online, a theme-oriented retrospective, is to allow visitors to experience music from different viewpoints. The concept is fitting for Cerha as a composer—after all, it is impossible to reduce his life and work to a single theme. Just as his work reveals an array of ideas, inspirations, and expressions, Cerha Online offers the variety of a kaleidoscope. It is, first, a retrospective: a selection of compositions, an overview of several decades, from the 1930s to the twenty-first century. And it is themed: in this case, ten different points of view for approaching his work These perspectives should be seen not as static boxes, but rather as the branches of a tree spreading in myriad directions. Some are thicker, others bear leaves or even fruit. And all of them are fundamental elements in the branching oeuvre of the century.